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Your Job Has Challenges.

As a service technician, your job is a big part of who you are now and who you want to become. Each day brings with it new challenges to understand unique situations, diagnose problems and recommend fair and reasonable solutions: 


  • How will you make the homeowner feel comfortable with your solutions?

  • How will you make your manager feel confident in your work?

  • How can you move on to the next job as quickly as possible?

You Have Access. 

Ask any senior technician and they will tell you, twenty-five years ago, timely access to on-the-job information was nearly impossible to get.  With mobile devices in almost every hand and access to a plethora of Apps, videos and blogs - times have changed.

We Have a Solution.


Are there HVACR Apps out there that can empower you to work smarter and more efficiently?  Sure. 


Are there HVACR Apps out there that can guide you through job scenarios, troubleshoot, diagnose, and teach - without a subscription? 


There is now.  

An on-the-job companion connected to your world.


What it Does

The Supco TechLink™ App is designed to be used with Supco's® line of connected test instruments.

No need to use separate Apps for each test instrument.

All compatible products are kept in a Toolbox on a single FREE App.  


Click to view the current list of Supco® TechLink™ compatible products.


Connect one or more connected test instruments and save it to the App's toolbox for remote monitoring.  The toolbox will display basic readings from the connected instrument.


Guided tests and diagnostics take the user step-by-step to properly test components, electrical circuits and systems.  Help screens aid with steps and even provide product recommendations.


Real-time viewing of target, min max and average measurements on a combination analog/digital interface.  Measurements are logged and available to view on a trending line graph for analysis.


Results from guided tests and recordings can be exported out of the App as a text-based CSV file or as a formatted PDF for easy sharing with other service techs, your company and 
your clients.


A record button allows you to log data and measurements until you stop it.  Once stopped, the log will save measurements for further analysis.


Educational content and tips on testing, diagnostics, components and blog updates will be available in the news feed.

Requires iOS® 8.3 or Android® 4.3 or newer





Supco®-Redfish Wireless Clamp Meter

Determine system efficiency with our new professional grade Clamp Meter by measuring AC Volts, AC Amps, system kW and the power factor. Test everything from capacitors to compressors to even determining the EER on an AC system.  Use App-captured data on Supco® TechLink™ to discuss system operating costs on jobs.

  • Bluetooth® connection for iOS® and Android® smart devices up to 200 feet

  • 6,000 count (3 3/4 digit) resolution

  • Ingress Protection - IP54 protects from dirt and water

  • True RMS

  • Powered by the Supco® TechLink™ diagnostic App

  • Includes Line Splitter

  • Download User Guide

ID: iDVM550

Supco® Wireless Vacuum Gauge

Use the power of your mobile device and the Supco® TechLink™ App to enhance job-site productivity while working with a precision digital vacuum gauge.  

  • Wireless connection for iOS® and Android® smart devices

  • Our revolutionary contaminant and oil resistant Lifetime Sensor

  • Comes with vacuum coupler and convenient magnetic holding strap

  • Enhanced productivity with the Supco® TechLink™ App"​

    • Low and high vacuum alerts through the app

    • Record and export the evacuation process to PDF and Excel/CSV formats

    • Real time viewing and logging with graphs

    • ​Remote Bluetooth® monitoring from up to 200 ft away
  • Download User Guide


Supco®-Redfish Wireless Multimeter

The iDVM510 Wireless Multimeter has all the essential modules for convenient and safe troubleshooting and data logging - and then some.

It provides manual and automatic ranging, measures AC/DC voltage to 1000V, AC/DC current, resistance, capacitance and frequency.

Truly Professional Grade:

  • Tested to IEC/EN61010 safety standards 600V CATIV and 1000V CATIII

  • Ingress Protection - IP54 protects from dirt and water

  • 6,000 count (3 3/4 digit) resolution

  • Uses the newest Bluetooth® Low Energy (BTLE v4.0) standard for extended connection distances and low power consumption

  • True RMS

  • Powered by the Supco TechLink™ diagnostic App

ID: iDVM510

AC Current Transducer

Plug the iDVM333 directly into the iDVM510 multimeter and measure AC millivolts with no need to break the

circuit. This feature measures higher amperage.

  • Selectable sensitivity between 1 mv/A to 10 mv/A

  • Protective hand guard

  • Large, easy-to-operate trigger

ID: iDVM333

Line Splitter

The AC Line Splitter is used to separate the hot from the neutral (and ground) conductors for safe and accurate amperage measurements without the need to cut the power cord. The iDVMSPLITTER is designed to work on 110/115/120 volt circuits.


Soft Sided Neoprene Case

Convenient durable neoprene case with two mesh pockets holds the the iDVM510 multimeter and



  • Holds the iDVM333 AC current clamp, probes, thermocouple, hanging strap and clips

  • Handy carrying strap and belt strap for easy transport 


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VG640TL Wireless Vacuum Gauge
VG640TL & magnetic holding strap
Included Vacuum Coupler
Use with Supco® Techlink™ App
Evacuation Test
Export Reports
iDVM510 Box
iDVM510 Box Back
Side Profile
Back View iDVM510
Right Side View with leads
iDVM510 HVAC with Leads
Using with an Apple® Watch
iDVM510 Electrical Panel
App voltage reading at condenser
iDVM550 with Line Splitter
iDVM550 App-Connected Clamp Meter
iDVM550 App-Connected Clamp Meter
iDVM550 with Line Splitter
KW test with iDVM550 Clamp Meter
Line Splitter Included
Wireless Clamp Meter iDVM550

Rooted in Innovation.  Committed to the Future.

For over 70-years, Sealed Unit Parts Co., Inc. (Supco) has been dedicated to innovation in HVACR parts, tools and test instruments beginning with the patented “Bullet” valve for refrigeration repair, followed by the development of "The Original" two-wire refrigeration and air conditioning hard starts.

In the1980s, Supco® expanded into the test instrument market, with the MFD10 capacitor tester and the versatile M500 Megohmmeter which laid the foundation for the development of test instruments designed to make service professionals' tasks simple, with reliable results. 

The Supco® TechLink™ App is an exciting opportunity to broaden the way HVACR service technicians use the tools and devices that are relied on for successful repairs by integrating them with the technology that has become embedded into our everyday lives.

As we look to the future, Supco® is committed to meeting the new ways in which service technicians will work and communicate with innovative and cost-effective solutions to make repairs easier and more productive.

Learn more and see our full product offering at supco.com


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